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Level 1-8, block c3 & level 2, block c7
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62512 Putrajaya Malaysia.  
I know this mail will be surprise to you because we have not meet before, with due respect, I am Mr. Datuk Idrus Bin Harun, the solicitor general's of Malaysia.I have a business proposal for you but before i start my story i have to ask for apology if this mail offend you.
I have this late friend of my, Mr. Carlos L. Fernando, an Mexican citizen who died here in Malaysia on 12th of may 2001 as the result of heart attack in general hospital Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Based on his story when he was alive, he sojourned into my country in the late 80's and had vast business interests though his major concern was importation, based on the brief he disassociated himself from his country over some problem of being a drug dealer; and he came to live and invest in my country Malaysia.
Last week we receive a letter from one of the local bank here in Malaysia to approve a transferring to federal consolidated fund as laws of Malaysia act 370 unclaimed money act 1965 which state that after seven years of unclaimed the money should transfer to federal consolidate fund.
And after reading the letter I found out it was my late friend Mr. Carlos who owns this huge amount of money to this bank and now I have ask the bank to give the owner some months before the transfer can be approved.
Now I want you to present yourself to the bank as the relation or family friend to Mr. Carlos, and when the proceeds in his bank account is granted and transferred into your nominated account, we shall split the cash between our self upon the confirmation of the money into your account.
I am ready to offer you 40% of the total money and 55% for me while 5% will be set aside for any expenses that might occur during the transaction, the must important document you need in this claim is death certificate which is with me now it was giving to me by the hospital as his close friend, so if you are willing to present yourself as the next of kin to this claim, get back to me and I want you to know this claim involves no risk to you.
Please note that by the virtue of my position here in Malaysia we have to ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off to protect our professional in this project, I would like to get your decision to this proposal as soon as possible, I also want you to contact me on the e-mail below, my personal contact number will be provide to you in future.
Mr. Datuk Idrus Bin Harun.
Solicitor General.
Attorney General Chambers
Level 1-8, block C3 & level 2, block c7
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62512 Putrajaya Malaysia. 
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