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Latest news on Republic of Angola Xyami: The Republicans' war within, Obama presses bank chiefs to lend more, Disputes threaten '09 passage of health bill

1) The Republicans' war within

CLAREMONT, CALIF. -- A few facts reveal just how far the Republican Party has fallen in California.

2)  Obama presses bank chiefs to lend more

President Obama, who lashed out Sunday at "fat cat bankers" who "still don't get it," plans to gather the heads of major banks at the White House on Monday to urge them to make more loans and to accept the necessity of greater regulation.

3) Spending measure clears Senate

The Senate cleared for President Obama's signature on Sunday a $447 billion omnibus spending bill that contains thousands of earmarks and double-digit increases for several Cabinet agencies, the latest target for Republicans seeking to make growing federal deficits a focal point of the 2010 elect...

4) Disputes threaten '09 passage of health bill

The next 48 hours will be critical to the fate of health-care reform in the Senate, as Democratic leaders struggle to settle disputes that stand in the way of holding a final vote this year on the massive package.

5) An uncertain future for the bipartisan Bayh

Sen. Evan Bayh's vote last week in favor of an amendment to the health-care bill that would have strengthened restrictions on how federal funds could be spent for abortions is the latest sign that the onetime national rising star has reached a crossroads in a political career that many expected t...

6) From incarceration to meditation in Missouri

ST. LOUIS -- It was a routine business conference for the judge: Agendas. Handshakes. Business cards.

7) In Texas, a showdown at the GOP corral

AUSTIN -- Rick Perry, the state's swashbuckling Republican governor, says his opponent spends tax dollars too freely. She's too liberal. She's too Washington. She doesn't get what he calls "Texas values."

8) How governors could guide a Grand New Party

The congressional wing of the Republican Party remains front and center as its members battle President Obama and the Democrats over health care, financial regulatory reform, climate change and just about every other domestic issue. But it is increasingly clear that the future of the GOP rests in...

9) Medicare cuts could hurt hospitals, expert warns

A Senate plan to cut Medicare to pay for an overhaul of the health system would threaten the profitability of roughly one in five hospitals and nursing homes over the next decade, according to a new analysis by the government official responsible for monitoring the popular health program.

10)  A senator's moral dilemma on health bill

When he took office in 1991 as Nebraska's governor, Ben Nelson was one of just two Democratic governors opposed to abortion rights. The other, Robert Casey Sr. of Pennsylvania, soon found that position played no small role in denying him a speaking role at the party's 1992 national convention.

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