quinta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2005

Angola um pai's para melhorar, um futuro paraiso...

Angola o belo e grande pai's. Girando na internet se recolhe os animos dos angolanos, aqui em baixo elenco a lista daquilo que se diz de Angola:

Angola is on the brink
Angola is our country
Angola is
Angola is here
Angola is the worse country
Angola is waiting for you
Angola is hot
Angola is edging closer to peace
Angola is being released in the country's capital
Angola is to have the cease
Angola is our country Angola ea nossa terra
Angola is closer
Angola is substantially assisted in the development and maintenance of this world wide web site by c/r international
Angola is right here
Angola is a giant jigsaw puzzle of different climates
Angola is the worse country in which to be a child
Angola is a slower version of capoeira regional
Angola is bordered by the democratic republic of congo to
Angola is characterised by guerrilla warfare led by jonas savimbi's unita rebels and large
Angola is the original form
Angola is living a holocaust
Angola is bordered to the north and east by zaire
Angola is africa's second largest oil exporter
Angola is a large
Angola is situated on the west coast of southern africa
Angola is without a doubt the war between unita and the government
Angola is an economy in disarray because of a quarter century of nearly continuous warfare
Angola is hot work
Angola is implementing in the
Angola is officially at peace
Angola is about to be one of the non
Angola is now at peace after some forty years of war that has resulted in extreme poverty and deprivation for much of Angola 's population
Angola is suffering
Angola is not high on the list of countries that appear on major television programmes
Angola is the second largest producer of oil in sub
Angola is situated on the west coast of africa
Angola is a key player in africa's oil industry as both a major producer and exporter
Angola is to once again become a force in judo
Angola is not known to have ever produced or exported any type of landmine
Angola is a rough maximum
Angola is a vastly different art from contemporary or modern capoeira
Angola is a danced fight and playful sparring that involves wit
Angola is facing a severe malnutrition and hiv/aids 'explosion'
Angola is a reflection of this reality
Angola is the largest maximum security prison in the united states
Angola is played the berimbau signals the beginning and the end of each game
Angola is the seventh largest country in africa
Angola is one of the united states' largest trading partners in africa and the eighth
Angola is the united states' eighth largest oil supplier and plays a pivotal role in southern africa's regional stability
Angola is ranked 160th
Angola is "the worst place in the world to be a child"
Angola is a dance fight
Angola is at peace with itself
Angola is still largely in ruins and littered with landmines
Angola is rebuilding its tourism industry
Angola is estimated to have killed more than 500
Angola is experiencing its first weeks of relative peace after the bitter and
Angola is expected to be africa's biggest oil producers in the sub
Angola is also expected
Angola is 1
Angola is a growing organisation and it's good to be part of that
Angola is located in southwestern africa
Angola is bounded on the north and east by the republic of zaire
Angola is an exciting destination to visit
Angola is located in the austral part of the african continent
Angola is a free place for music
Angola is required to work
Angola is a people's republic
Angola is a stateless state
Angola is highly complex and that finding a lasting
Angola is the world's most heavily landmined country and the evidence is clear in the catofe camp
Angola is the third highest in the world at 250 deaths per 1
Angola is situated in the south
Angola is in great need of the prince of
Angola is rich in natural resources
Angola is pleased to join all the other states in this anti
Angola is the most mined place in the world
Angola is the fastest
Angola is at an important turning point in its history
Angola is the second largest oil
Angola is ”played’ in a circle
Angola is a maximum security prison that encompasses some 18
Angola is yet to be felt after 27 years of civil war in Angola
Angola is an important partner as far as our energy is concerned
Angola is the second largest country south of the sahara after the democratic republic of congo
Angola is a rich country in terms of natural resources
Angola is located on the southwestern coast of africa and is home to 11
Angola is a democratic government
Angola is slowly moving toward peace and reconciliation
Angola is in south
Angola is just 38 years
Angola is currently scheduled to close in 2002
Angola is nearly $100 million
Angola is working on assimilating the remaining unita forces into its national army and appointing unita leaders to prominent
Angola is de stijl die in feite direct uit afrika komt
Angola is the worst country in the world for a child to grow up
Angola is the seventh largest crude oil supplier to the us
Angola is sub saharan africa's second largest oil producer

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