quinta-feira, maio 14, 2009

RE: Dear fpac.angola@blogger.com 14.5.2009 SALE 76% 0FF on Pfizer !

In this issue of HEALTHbeat:
• Putting the joie de vivre back into health, Part 1
• Can cutting calories help my memory?

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Dear HEALTHbeat subscriber,

When it comes to staying healthy, most of the dos and don'ts seem to infringe on many of life's little pleasures. The "dos" (exercise, load up on vegetables) are predictable, even for people who don't mind them. But research suggests that not all healthful steps are dull or unpleasant—some are downright enjoyable. This issue of HEALTHbeat reveals some of those steps, in the first part of a two-part series that will continue in a future issue. Also in this issue, Dr. Anthony Komaroff, editor in chief of Harvard Health Publications and the Harvard Health Letter, discusses whether cutting calories can improve your memory.

Wishing you good health,

Nancy Ferrari
Managing Editor
Harvard Health Publications